Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

What is IPL?

IPL, stands for intense pulsed light and is a type of light treatment that uses strong pulses of light to stimulate or treat various issues within the skin. Sometimes people think IPL is laser as they can do similar things, but they are not the same. However, the principle of how they work is similar ; both direct light at the pigmentation into the hair, causing a burst of heat, the damages or kills the cells that caused the hair to grow.

How does IPL work?

The light that comes out of an IPL device is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, causing a buildup of energy which turns to heat(think of a black T-shirt on a sunny day) the heat travels down the hair and disables or destroys the cells that make new ones.

Does IPL hurt?

You’ve likely heard varying responses to the question, as the answer really depends on your pain threshold. The sensation is generally compared to that of an elastic band flick – but the best IPL devices out there work so quickly, you’ll barely have time to register it.

How long does IPL take?

Some may see results as little as three weeks – but again the exact time will differ from person to person, depending on various factors.

Your hair has cycles just like your skin does. Your hair has a growth phase, a rest, phase, and a shedding phase. One of the main reasons why you need to do repeat treatments with IPL, or even laser, is because your hairs are not only in the same phase of the cycle at the same time, so to catch all of them, and get rid of them permanently, you almost have to chase the cycle. This is why at home I peels are often repeated every four weeks after the initial treatment phase.

Before your appointment

  • It is imperative that you avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least four weeks prior to your treatment. This is a must and no exceptions will be made.
  • Avoid applying self tanner for two weeks prior to treatment.
  • Inform your technician, if you have taken Accutane(oral acne medication) in the past year.
  • Store ice packs in your freezer for use after your procedure in case you have irritations.

The day of your appointment:

  • If possible, arrive, without creams or make up on the treatment area. Otherwise, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment in order to clean the treated area
  • Have the skin freshly shaved the day prior to avoid any skin irritations or rashes.
  • Just prior to your treatment, you will be given a pair of goggles to wear to protect your eyes.

What to do after your treatment?

  • Expect your skin to appear pink(resembling a mild sunburn) for a few hours after your treatments.
  • Makeup may be applied to cover the redness if needed.

Treatments are spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart to start and gradually move to 8 to 10 weeks apart after the initial 2 to 3 treatments. Basically wait until you have experience shedding of the treated hairs.(should complete within 2 to 3 1/2 weeks.) and you see enough hair come in after hair free to justify the next treatment.

The possibility exists that some side effects or complications can occur, given various variable, including:


  • Itching, during treatment.
  • Redness for up to two days.
  • Swelling (around the hair follicle) for up to 2 days
  • Pain, tingling, or feeling of numbness


  • Crusting/scab formation(on ingrown hairs)
  • Purpura(purple colouring of the skin) on tanned areas
  • Infection
  • Temporary pigment(hypo, pigmentation or hyper pigmentation)

Side effects occur in frequently and, are generally only temporary. If any of the above last more than three days, make sure to contact your technician or your physician.

Intense Pulsed, Lighting, Hair Reduction:


Single Treatment $200
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $500

Full Arms

Single Treatment $300
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $800

Half Arms

Single Treatment $125
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $340

Full Back

Single Treatment $450
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $1200

Half Back

Single Treatment $200
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $540

Full Brazilian

Single Treatment $140
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $300

Basic Bikini Line

Single Treatment $100
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $250


Single Treatment $175
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $350


Single Treatment $200
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $500


Single Treatment $50
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $125

Full Face

Single Treatment $150
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $375

Full Legs

Single Treatment $450
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $1000

Half Legs

Single Treatment $250
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $550

Under Arms

Single Treatment $75
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $175

Upper Lip & Chin

Single Treatment $75
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $175

You may inquire regarding the unlimited one large area or two small areas for a flat rate starting at $1100. Depending on the size and the time prices may vary.

Packages & Bundles

Pick Any 4

15% Off

You choose any four areas to work on and save on the total cost!

Pick Any 3

10% Off

You choose any three areas to work on and save on the total cost!

Skin Rejuvenation

As a result of sun exposure, the ageing process and lifestyle choices, skin degrades and visible imperfections develop. IPL, selectively targets, melanin and oxyhaemoglobin by using the specific sapphire crystal filter for the desired indication.

Pigmented lesions occur when an abundance of melanocytes are found in the skin. Freckles, brown spots, and moles form when dark pigments multiplies.

As the intense pulsed light is selectively absorbed by the targets, chromophore the photo thermal process that results quite coagulates the melanin and causes the lesion to eventually slough off.

What skin conditions can IPL photo facial treat?

  • Acne: IPL kills P – acne bacteria, living under the skin, so you don’t have to wait for acne to form on your skin’s surface to start benefitting from the treatments.
  • Rosacea: is a chronic skin disease that affects the middle, third of the face with persistent redness. Areas primarily affected are the four head, chin, and lower half of the nose. Tiny blood vessels and these areas dilate and become more visible through the skin, appearing like fine red lines. Acne may also occur in these areas.
  • Pigmentation: can be caused by hormonal changes, sun, damage, freckles, and age spots. The results of IPL treated pigmentation vary, depending on clients age, skin, color, and initial cause of the pigmentation. Most clients start seeing results after just two treatments.
  • Scarring: a wide range of scars can be visibly improved with IPL. The treatment stimulates, collagen production to normalize, colour and texture, and aid in acne scar recovery. However, it should be noted that treating scars can only start six months after scar has initially appeared.
  • fine lines and wrinkles: IPL can help prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin begins to sag as we get older, because our body no longer generates cells like it once did it. IPL tighten skin by stimulating, collagen growth, and the cells underneath the surface, keeps the skin in shape to prevent fine lines, pigmentation, and age spots. It also wakes up your skin and makes it glow from within!

Skin Rejuvenation/Complexion Blending:

Full Face

Single Treatment $225
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $580

Hands (Both)

Single Treatment $60
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $140


Single Treatment $300
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $650

Décolleté Area

Single Treatment $250
Pkg. of 3 Treatments $600

Note: rosacea, spider, veins, melasma, pigmentation, and acne treatments will be assessed during consultation. Consultations are complementary.